Mission Statement

Non-Profit Organization whose purpose is as follows:

(1) Promoting and providing affordable housing for low income persons of Clark County, NV and the
remainder of the State of NV where no adequate housing exists for such groups;

(2) Providing decent, safe and sanitary housing for low income persons;

(3) Providing low income persons with housing facilities and services especially designed to meet their economic, physical, social, and psychological needs, and promoting their health, security, happiness, and individual growth, autonomy, choice, and dignity, the charges for such facilities and services to be predicted upon the provision, maintenance and operation thereof on a non-profit basis;

(4) Serving as a member of a LLC that manages and/or owns and operates housing for the benefit of low income persons who are in need of affordable, decent, safe and
sanitary housing and related services, where an inadequate supply of housing exists for such persons;

(5) Providing services supplementing and improving existing or future affordable housing projects; and

(6) Otherwise supporting the creation of affordable housing opportunities.